Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Looking for a stocking stuffer?

Pacific Shaving OilPlumpstocking.com names Pacific Shaving Company’s All Natural Shaving Oil as the best stocking stuffer for men, according to this press release. If you've seen my review, you know I wouldn't mind getting this for Christmas. Shaving oil is that perfect small gift that any man would love.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Old razor blades

Thin GilletteIn this story by the QCTimes' Bill Wundram, the author shares a story about discovering thousands of razor blades that he had used over many years.
FOR 25 years, after safety razor blades were dulled by my whiskers, I would drop the blades into a little slot in the back of our metal medicine cabinet. Through that quarter-century, this little repository grew rusty around the edges, but of course, I kept dropping my used blades into the slot.


Now I know what happened to them. When Mike Bush, present owner of the house, remodeled the bathroom he tore out the medicine cabinet.

"Down in the wall, resting on a cross-joist, were these thousands of razor blades," he said to me. "I presume most or all were all used by you. Here, take them."
Doing some math, he figured he had 3 pounds of razor blades, which worked out to 2,495 blades. He also figured he used each blade twice, so they represented 13.67 years of daily shaving.

It almost makes me curious about how many razor blades I've gone through in my life, and how many more I'll go through before I don't need to shave anymore. Not curious enough to try to figure it out, but it's my idle thought for the day.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

When the bald get hungry

If you're bald, Gary's Uptown Restaurant and Bar in San Jose, California wants to give you a free lunch.
That's why, every Wednesday at Arnold's white-tablecloth eatery, bald guys -- and gals -- eat for free. Gratis. Nada. Nothing.
That's right, a full meal free for the follicly challenged. Partial baldness earns a partial discount. Bad hair transplants? A 10 percent surcharge, he jokes.
It's too bad for me that I live in Winnipeg. If I ever make the trip down to California, though, I'll think about stopping in.

Friday, November 26, 2004

M3Power in court

According to this website, Wilkinson Sword (maker of the Schick Quattro) has filed suit over Gillette's marketing claims for it's M3Power razor. Apparently, Wilkinson Sword wasn't buying into the claim that the M3Power's micro-pulses actually made the hair stand straighter.
Colin Hutchison, European vice president for Wilkinson Sword, says Gillette's claims about their new razor seemed improbable to them. Their scientists examined the razor and found Gillette's claims to be incorrect.
Undoubtedly, Gillette will fight this in the courts, but it should be interesting to see how this plays out.

Personally, I'm with Wilkinson Sword on this one. I doubt very much that the vibration feature (micro-pulses sounds so silly) actually makes the hairs stand up. I'll be really curious to see if Gillette can produce any evidence that it does what they say it does.

Shaving heads for charity

shaving for charityThe possibility of shaving someone's head seems to be a good motivator for some people, something that Principal Chad Carmack of Dickinson High School (in Delaware) recently discovered.

Apparently, school officials were trying to figure out how to improve their previously dismal efforts at raising funds for the United Way. From the article: "At one point during that conversation Carmack laughed and said, "what do you want me to do, cut my hair?""

That seems to be exactly what people wanted.
School nurse Donna Watson, clippers in hand, approached Carmack with a wide grin. Students began chanting "All Off! All Off!" as she started shaving Carmack's head. Others, cell phones pressed against their ears, called friends to report every move Watson made.
Way to go, Principal Carmack.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Under the helmet

REUBEN DROUGHNS, Broncos Running Back

"I've been shaving my head twice a week since my freshman year in high school. I do it myself. I do it every game morning or on Saturday night before the game. It makes me feel good and tough. It gives me that edge. I'll always shave my head."

What's under my helmet

Monday, November 15, 2004

A bet is a bet

Never make a bet you're not willing to follow-through on. Ken Waltz made a pact that if the Red Sox won the World Series, he'd shave his head. He never figured it would happen. But nothing's impossible.

Shaving one's head is not something I would recommend. Now people can call be chrome dome. People can rub my head for good luck (bad luck if you're me). I'm afraid to go outside without a hat on for fear of getting a sunburn or having the sun glance off my head and blind someone.
So apparently he didn't like it. But the photo included in the article actually doesn't look too bad. Maybe if he gives it a chance, he'll grow to like it.