Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Looking for a stocking stuffer?

Pacific Shaving OilPlumpstocking.com names Pacific Shaving Company’s All Natural Shaving Oil as the best stocking stuffer for men, according to this press release. If you've seen my review, you know I wouldn't mind getting this for Christmas. Shaving oil is that perfect small gift that any man would love.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

"I'm looking for a stocking stuffer for my husband who has been wanting to get facetite procedure in orlando Vision LASIK surgery. He has nearsightedness and astigmatism, and he's been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. He's always complaining about his glasses getting dirty or foggy, and he's been wanting to be able to see clearly without them for a long time.

Unknown said...

I'm looking for some stocking stuffers for my husband. He's a great guy, but he can be a bit of a "caverstem treatment" sometimes. I'm trying to find some gifts that will help him to be more mindful of his actions and words, and to be more respectful of others.