Monday, October 31, 2011

Baldness, race, and feminism collide

CristenConger, writing on Bitch magazine's website, offers up an interesting article about baldness, head-shaving, race, and culture titled "Isn't He Lovely: The Body Politics of Male Balding".
I realize that a common male fear of balding isn't news. But here's a finding that grabbed my attention: For people struggling with body dysmorphic disorder (especially men), hair is one of the most affected physical features.
It's a well-written and interesting piece, definitely worth a read. Check it out.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bald enthralled...

Sally Stang, writing on, has a great little rambling piece that muses on the bald-by-choice look, and why she loves it. She starts out straight to the point:
I have something to say to any bald men out there who are still forcing three hairs to do the job of hundreds. Quit it! And to you guys who are still wearing toupees? Sheesh! Unless you are in the Witness Protection Program, what are you thinking? Consider yourself blessed not to have those unsightly hair follicles! I’m telling you it’s a stroke of good luck! Bare your brainpan proudly, fellas!
It's a fun article, and worth a quick read.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest review: the Panasonic ES8103 electric shaver

Reader Jon Little sent me some comments about the Panasonic ES8103 electric shaver:
I would like to recommend the Panasonic ES8103 to your followers who prefer or require an electric shaver. 
I have sported a shaved head (by choice) for over ten years and have tried every shaving system imaginable.  If you have a healthy scalp with no skin problems, nothing can touch the Gillette Fusion razors: quick, and slickly amazing. 
If, on the other hand, you have scalp issues like mine (seborrheic dermatitis) that are aggravated by wet/blade shaving, the Panasonic may be the answer.  It provides a very slick, dry shave without a lot of pressure and can also be used wet.  You have to go over the scalp several times, but gently... after which it looks and feels damned near as tight as the Fusion shave.  If you need to shave dry or just touch up during the day, it's well worth whatever Best Buy is charging this week.
Thanks for the report, Jon!

I've been using a similar Panasonic shaver (the ES8077) for the last couple of years, and think it's an excellent device. I can't get mine to shave quite as close as Jon can, but I've been very happy with it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blast from the past: shaving her head to spite her husband

Here's a great little find from an Ann Landers article, linked here from the August 19th, 1969 Edmonton Journal:
Dear Ann Landers:
My husband has always been on the conservative side, until about six months ago when he decided to let his hair grow.
I didn't say anything until his hair got longer than mine. Then I demanded that he get a haircut. He refused. To teach him a lesson, I took the scissors and gave myself a baldy bob. He said I looked like a billiard ball and called me a spiteful nut. I agreed to let my hair grow if he would cut his. His answer was, "I refuse to be blackmailed. No deal."
Last night, out of sheer frustration (and after a few drinks) I went to the bathroom and shaved my head. I walked into the room and said, "How do you like this?" He nearly died. Now my husband refuses to be seen in public with me until my hair grows out. I realize I made a mistake but I feel his terms are too harsh. What do you say, Ann?
Ann's response is straightforward:
 Dear Vergo:
Buy a wig and stay away from the booze.
The best part? There's an ad on the page for "Unwanted hair removal" and another one for wigs! Contextual advertising at its best.

Personally, I think people should be free to express themselves through their hairstyle if they want, so I think she should have let her husband be. Still, I do admire her style - she was definitely ahead of her time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going bald for literacy

Literacy is an issue close to my heart, and I tend to cheer on any efforts to get kids reading. So when Principal Don Mrozik of John L. Sipley Elementary School in Woodridge, Illinois decided that shaving his head would be good incentive to encourage his kids to read, I cheer!

If 95 percent of Sipley students read at least 30 minutes a day between Oct. 14 and Dec. 5, Mrozik will go bald.
There are also other prizes for reading, including a Nook e-reader, but I'd like to think the chance to shave the principal bald is at least as big a draw as an e-reader.

Way to go, Principal Mrozik! Here's hoping you're head is smooth come December!

Edited to note a similar story I've linked to before. :-)