Monday, June 27, 2005

Shaving the slump

Here's a general principle for you: if you're stuck in a rut, make a sudden change to something in your life and shake things up. It seems to work for athletes (via Newsday):
If David Wright knew that shaving his head would end a 13-game homerless drought, he probably would have done the deed weeks ago.

Wright stunned his teammates yesterday when he showed up with his new military-style 'do. A few hours later, he opened the second inning with a home run off Yankees starter Sean Henn.

"I'm trying as much as I can to look like Cliff [Floyd]," Wright said, "so some of that power will rub off on me."
I like to periodically make some sudden changes to my life, to keep things from getting too dull. For some people, this can be accomplished with a shave. Whatever you do, though, the important part is to keep your mind and body active.

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