Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bald is still beautiful

Barber buzzedThe North Adams Transcript has a nice article titled For Many, Bald Is Beautiful available for your reading pleasure. It's another "headshaving is mainstreaming" story, featuring quotes from barbers and the shaved.
How many heads does he shave?

"I'd say every day there's a couple," St. Pierre said, pointing out that many men shave their heads themselves.

These days, Shannon Klose of Contemporary Hair in North Adams is doing multiple head shavings.

"With this heat, a lot of guys are coming in and having their heads shaved," she said. "I've been outright busy with my clippers. They're constantly recharging. A lot of guys have been coming in to have their heads buzzed."

Klose believes the trend is mostly heat-related, rising during the summer months. Last Saturday, she shaved four heads.
They also have comments from a 16-year-old boy who first shaved his head when he was 12, mainly to feel comfortable while playing sports.

I was surprised to hear about the number of guys getting shaved in a barbershop, to be honest. I would have figured most guys would do it at home, as it's cheap and easy. Then again, I have often heard that a barbershop shave is something of a treat, so perhaps that explains the numbers.


Anonymous said...

One thing I really like about the bald by choice look is the fact that I can do it myself in the comfort of my home. I didn't like going to the barber's too much.

Mark Baker said...

True, it's cheap and easy to do at home. If you have the clippers. If you don't have clippers and want to try something, the barber shop is your best bet. If you decided you like it, you'll get the equipment to keep doing it.

At least, that's the logic I would use if I were thinking about this for the first time. The real question would be how many of these guys are first timers and how many come back or start doing it themselves afterwards.