Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shaving records

headshaveBack in May, I mentioned the Geneva, New York Relay for Life and their record-setting headshave. A little while ago, I ran across an article about their desire to break that record at this year's event.
Arlene Eddington was satisfied last year when 135 people had their heads shaved as part of the local Relay for Life. In fact, it was good enough for the "Guinness Book of World Records."

But this year, she and Jen Harris, chairwoman of this year’s head-shaving event, are aiming for 200.
Apparently, they ended up with poor weather at this year's event, but still managed to get a good number of people shorn.
Harris stressed, however, that about 161 area residents still voluntarily had their heads shorn at the second annual shave-a-thon.
I hadn't run across any references to whether or not all of those were officially counted (last year's event had 185 shavees, but many were disqualified from the Guinness total for various reasons, including not having enough hair to start with).

While searching, I came across this page describing the 2004 event, which includes a big picture of some people getting shaved.

With any luck, they succeeded in their record-setting goals. Whether or not they did, though, they also managed to raise $65,000 for cancer research, which is substantially more important than any world records they might set for other things.

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