Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bald Aunt Donna

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a beautiful story about a long-distance familial relationship.
With one e-mail, Donna Fahey went from "Great Aunt Donna" to "Mediocre Aunt Donna."

Yesterday she changed her image again, for a girl she hasn't met but loves superlatively.

Their relationship began in early 2003, when Fahey's 9-year-old third cousin, Taylor Adkins, was battling a brain tumor. The Hampton, Va., girl's ups and downs were followed by people all over the world via a Web site set up by one of her teachers.
Taylor and Donna established a long-distance relationship through the website. They bonded with humour and developed a real connection, even though they never met each other in person, or even spoke on the telephone.
Then, last April 30, Taylor died.

Fahey knew it was coming, but still was crushed. She thought, Taylor and I were having so much fun.

So dear had Taylor become to her, Fahey wanted to do something special to honor her.

When a relative called in February to ask, "How would you like to shave your head for Taylor?" Fahey said, "Sure!"
She shaved her head on March 20th at a St. Baldrick's day event, and her group managed to raise $2500 for childhood cancer research.

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