Thursday, April 14, 2005

Shaving satori

Dan Neil of the LA Times writes a humourous piece on shaving (registration required), both the face and below. It all starts with the need for a new razor, and the discovery of the M3Power.
I was skeptical. This language - lauding the mysterious, curative effects of electricity with the power to make whiskers erect - put me in mind of 19th century medical devices like galvanic trusses that promised instant "invigoration." But I needed a razor and, frankly, men are powerless in the face of needless technology.

Once in front of the mirror, with a Santa's beard of shaving cream on my face, I switched on the M3Power, which began to buzz in a way both familiar and disconcerting, like something you might pull from the night table. Then, shaving satori! The M3Power purred softly against my cheek like an affectionate cat. It traced the contours of my face with a sweet, gliding, electrified caress that banished not just the hair but all memory of hair.

Two minutes later, my face was smoother than a salamander. It was like shaving down to my soul.
Neil later suggests that the modern razor is over-engineered for the face, and is gearing up to shave all body hair.

Personally, I've never wanted to put in the time required to shave my entire body, but I know of people who do it. I find it challenging enough to find the time to shave my face and scalp regularly.

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