Monday, April 11, 2005


The Arizona Republic has an article on the mainstreaming of the bald-by-choice look.
A lot of guys have taken a razor to their scalp as a way to essentially thumb their nose at hair loss. The bare look has been growing in popularity, cutting across various ethnic and economic boundary lines. According to a March study by Roper Public Affairs, 86 percent of respondents say they see more men with shaved heads now than they did 10 years ago.


According to the Roper study, 10 percent of men say they have a shaved head; only 5 percent say they had one 10 years ago.

Perhaps most important to men who go hairless, 52 percent of respondents view men with shaved noggins as "confident." Forty-five percent say they're "masculine." And 24 percent opt for "sexy" - take that, Hair Club for Men.
There's quite a bit more in the article, including quotes from Todd Greene, the guy behind the HeadBlade. There are also a couple of tales of men who used to fight nature with wigs and hairplugs, but who subsequently moved to shaving and haven't gone back.

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