Sunday, February 06, 2005

Swimmer styles

The Daily Evergreen carries this story of a swimming team's pre-meet hairstyles. Swimmers often shave their heads to reduce drag in the water. These guys decided to try a variety of interesting hairstyles before the big event, though.
So how the heck will having a mohawk or mullet help a swimmer go faster?

Actually, the Greyhounds’ new cuts are a way of having a little fun together the week before districts begin.

By the time Saturday’s district finals begin, most of the swimmers will finish their haircut by shaving the rest of their head.
From the sounds of it, the team considers this a great way to bond.
Besides their heads, the swimmers shave pretty much everything else their swimsuit doesn’t cover.

"A bunch of guys shaving their legs together sounds kind of weird, but it brings them closer as a team," Fort said. "But you should see all the cuts they have on their legs after."
I've often thought it would be neat to experiment with some wild and crazy hairstyles. I just don't have the patience to let my hair grow out long enough anymore.

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