Saturday, February 05, 2005

Krazy Kevin

Krazy KevinDJ Krazy Kevin of Radio Bahrain is drawing a lot of attention in this small country in the Persian Gulf. Kevin has decided to shave his trademark long hair to raise money for victims of the asian tsunami.

He's getting a lot of support from the local news. The Gulf Daily News has mentioned it several times (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and the response is quite strong.
Krazy Kevin, whose full name is Kevin Howarth, has invited others to follow his example and raise money for tsunami victims by shaving their heads. [*]
Good luck to Krazy Kevin and everyone associated with fund-raising efforts for the disaster.

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Anonymous said...

Update from the Gulf Daily News:

He has already raised about BD3,000 through the hair-shaving stint alone, which was held at the Bahrain Mall in Sanabis last Wednesday. He only had half the hair on his head shaved by professional hairdresser Steve Grant and will be having the rest shaved off some time next month, at the same venue.

"I was to have all my hair shaved off last Wednesday but I decided on the night to have a Head Shave Part Two," said Krazy Kevin. "There were so many people on the first night enjoying themselves so I'm glad to announce that we are doing another one in mid-March.