Monday, February 28, 2005

Principal-ly shaved

Assistant Principal Joseph Amaral gets shavedAssistant Principal Joseph Amaral knows how to provide his students with incentives. When the Student Activities club wanted to raise some money for Tsunami relief, he gave them some items for motivation.
"He promised $1,000 would get us a night off from homework and it was $2,000 for Mr. Amaral to get his head shaved," said seventh-grade student Andrew Gomes.
The students pulled through and raised $7,000 for Tsunami relief, and Mr. Amaral followed through on his promise and got his hair shaved. I'm sure you're wondering how the new look suited the Assistant Principal.
Eighth-grade student Marcus Veyera said the new style looks OK on Mr. Amaral but that he isn't crazy enough to ever let someone shave his hair off.

Fellow student Kelsea Graves disagreed. "I think it kind of looks worse," she said with a shrug.

Others simply said Mr. Amaral looked "different."

But at least the school's assistant principal has options - a hat presented by colleagues that reads: "Got Hair?"
Good work, Mr. Amaral.

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