Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bald for all?

Jennifer Banks doesn't think the bald-by-choice look is for everyone.
Let me explain. On Yul Bryner it’s beautiful. On Charles Barkley it’s super sexy. On Michael Jordan, it’s stylish. It’s a no-go on Dennis Rodman, Peabo Bryson and Hosea Saunders. The culprit is symmetry and head shape.

No harm intended, but fellows with cranial shapes like the Cone Heads on Saturday Night Live should not dare to go bare! The same holds true with guys with foreheads that enter the room before they do. Or those with features like E.T..
So how is one to know whether the bald look is for them or not? Alas, the author doesn't say.

Personally, I think that if you like it, it's good for you. But then, my opinion is that one's appearance is most important to them; you're the only person who has to be happy with your own appearance.

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