Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Shaving controversy

A lot of people worry that shaving their head will lead to a lot of negative reactions. For most people, reactions are positive, but sometimes people do hear negative reactions. Consider the tale of Chancellor Donald Mash of the Univeristy of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and the reactions to him shaving off just his moustache.
Although the mustache had held its ground atop Mash's upper lip for a long 33 years, he returned to work after the summer of 2003 whisker-less.

Susie Johnson, the program assistant to the chancellor, said the entire office was stunned to see Mash without his 'stache.
Articles were written in the student paper, and the subject was debated by many. Despite a large furor over a small bit of hair, Chancellor Mash was clearly able to maintain a good perspective.
"As I look ahead to retirement I can see myself with my head completely shaved and wearing an earring. Of course I wouldn't go for that look while I'm the chancellor, given the reaction to simply shaving off a mustache. I don't think the campus nor Madison is ready for that."
Most people don't get this much attention paid to their shaving habits, of course.

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