Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Melissa Etheridge

On Sunday, February 13th, Melissa Etheridge surprised the audience at the Grammy's by coming out with a shaved bald head. It was her first public appearance since she was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year. It was the most memorable part of the awards show this year.

MSNBC has a transcript of Etheridge's interview on Dateline NBC from a couple of days ago.
Phillips: "Are you surprised by the impact it had? How it moved people?"

Etheridge: "Yes. Yes, I'm definitely taken aback. I remember when I finally made the choice. Yeah, I'm going to do it bald. And you know what? Maybe this'll help somebody who's sitting on chemo laying in bed and going, God, I'm bald. Isn't this weird? Maybe it'll help them feel a little better. I didn't know to what extent that would happen. But I'm honored."
Etheridge's performance at the Grammy's got a lot of attention in the news, and has inspired a lot of people.

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