Monday, February 21, 2005

Doctors and nurses shave heads for patient

ShavingDoctors and hospitals can be quite intimidating for some people. It's bad enough when you're there to visit sometimes, but when you're in for serious surgery, the whole experience can be overwhelming. It can be even worse when you're a kid. That's why it's nice to read a story of the lengths some medical staff will go to to make a patient feel better. Here's the story from Salinas, California:
About 20 Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System employees shaved their heads Friday in a fund-raising drive for a 12-year-old Salinas girl with cancer.

About a month ago, Haley Baxter, 12, a sixth-grader at Salinas Christian School, had a 6-pound tumor the size of a volleyball removed at Stanford Medical Center.

The doctors and nurses shaved their heads in solidarity with Haley, who is undergoing chemotherapy and losing her hair. They're also helping raise money for her medical expenses.
Good luck, Haley. I trust all will go well.

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