Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shaving down under

From Australia's Bayside Bulletin:
When Dr John Golder was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia last November, raising funds for leukaemia research and support got personal for fellow doctor Karen Barry.

Dr Barry, who works with Dr Golder at the Redlands Clinic, said she had been thinking of shaving her head in support of leukaemia research for a few years but Dr Golder's diagnosis prompted her to go ahead.

"I've never done anything that drastic before. But when it touches someone who is close to you, you stop and think," she said.
Doctor Barry is shaving her head on March 11th, during the World's Greatest Shave event in which 60,000 people in Australia will pledge to shave (or colour) their hair.

It sounds like a great event. They've got a list of celebrity participants in the event on their site. If you feel like donating, they've got a secure donation form, too.

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