Saturday, February 12, 2005

After the shaving

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has a great article about aftershave that any shaver would find interesting. They discuss changes in aftershaves, from the 'bracing' alcohol-based aftershaves to the newer soothing creams. The article also specifically mentions the head-shaving market and the new line of grooming products from Michael Jordan.
"The aftershaves of the past were mostly alcohol with a small amount of fragrance. The net effect was a lot of stinging and burning, and not much healing or soothing characteristics," Berard says.

Michael Jordan aftershave, for example, contains triple-distilled peppermint oil to seal pores and pro-vitamin B-5 to soothe irritation, Berard says.

"And since more men than ever before are shaving their heads, we designed the Michael Jordan aftershave to minimize oil for a shine-free finish eliminating the ‘chrome dome’ effect," he says.

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