Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mailbag: Shampoo as a shaving lubricant

I got this email from Todd:
I've been shaving my head for about 4 years now. The other day I took my son to the barber and after telling him I get terrible irritation if I shave more than once a week he said to use shampoo instead of shaving cream. Shaving cream has alcohol and dries out your scalp, shampoo doesn't. I just bought a Headblade and with shampoo have shaved my head twice in three days and I look great. Thanks for listening.
I hadn't thought of using shampoo as a shaving lubricant; that's quite an interesting idea, and an ironic use for the product. I agree with the barber's comments about alcohol, of course, and it's generally considered a good idea to avoid aftershaves with alcohol as well.

I recently got another email suggesting shampoo as well.
By recommendation of a friend of mine that is a hairdresser, I began using "Hairseptic" in lieu of shaving cream. She recommended it to me because she has been using this product to shave the back of her client's necks with no irritation. It is a clear liquid, highly concentrated shampoo. I pour into a spray bottle and just spray a light film over my head and start shaving. I love it! I shave much faster with absolutely no irritation. What I don't like is that if it gets in your eyes....OWWW! Burns like the devil. Other than that, a great product. The name of the company is Aristocrat Hairseptic Company from Columbus, Ohio. It can be ordered at 1-800-783-0636 and can be found in beauty supply stores as well.

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Anonymous said...

Now there's an interesting suggestion. Perhaps I'm going to try it today!