Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Preview: Pacific Shaving's All Natural Shaving Cream

Just received a tube of Pacific Shaving Company's All Natural Shaving Cream in the mail. With any luck, I'll have a review posted within 2 weeks.

Pacific Shaving's one of my favourite shaving-related companies. Their shaving oil is still my favourite shave oil - light, with a pleasant, mild scent, and it always gives me a great shave. If you haven't checked them out, visit them online at today!


Emedoutlet said...

he cream reminds me a bit of Fraser's in that it will not whip up to meringue (maybe Italian meringue - it has that sheen and that density - not much air) but will become a very dense, slick, rich coat of protection

albina N muro said...

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