Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest review: Wahl Balding Clippers

Recently, I got some email from Albert asking me about Wahl clippers. He purchased some, and after using  them, sent me these comments (which he graciously permitted me to share):

Well I did it.  I'm now part of the bald headed club.   This specific Wahl is the Wahl Professional Balding Clipper Model 785110.  I first used the the 1/16 cutting guide to get the the longer hair out of the way.  This step was very easy and the shaver cut the hair like it wasn't there.  I then removed the cutting guide and started again taking off the peach fuzz that was left.  The shaver motored through this step again. 
What was left was a VERY close shave that I guess would be like a 2-4 day growth of hair.  I then took my Mach 3 razor that I use to shave my face, lathered the head and started with the razor, 15 minutes later I had a smooth head and NO cuts.  With the excitement, I was going for the "Mr Clean Look," I lathered my face and shaved like I do every day before work and cut myself in 3 places.  Go figure. 
Overall I'm very happy satisfied with the Wahl and would recommend it to anyone that needs to get their hair down to the length that can be then handled by a razor.

I've used Wahl clippers myself; in fact, I still have the same clippers I bought around 20 years ago, and they still work brilliantly. I used those clippers to buzz my hair down the same way Albert did. Wahl makes some solid, solid products.

Looks like Amazon has them for around $40 as I type this, which seems like a great value to me.


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