Monday, June 06, 2005

Shaving ads

The Australian has an interesting commentary in the wake of a recent court decision about Gillette's M3Power advertising campaign (mentioned previously here).
As a company executive explained last year: "Gillette and its competitors are developing more premium, expensive razors and blades. This is where the market is headed - both men and women are trading up. They want better products and will pay a premium price for them."

That's why it was hard not to feel satisfaction last week when a federal judge in Connecticut ruled that advertising by Gillette about the scientific advances associated with its M3Power shaving system was a load of rubbish.
The article takes a certain delight in slamming Gillette, and then noted:
At issue now is whether Gillette Australia - which is not bound by the decisions of US courts - will voluntarily abide by Judge Hall's decision or persist with making claims about the M3Power that have been judged fictional.
It's interesting, I've noticed a lot of resentment towards companies like Gillette. It seems a common sentiment that razor blade sales are a real cash cow, and bilk the consumer. I guess that's natural; I feel the same way when I'm looking at the prices of these blades at the supermarket.

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