Saturday, June 18, 2005

Quick product shots

This week, I picked up some new shaving lubricants, just to give them a whirl, and figured I'd post my initial impressions.

First up is Neutrogena Razor Defense shaving gel. I've only given it one go so far; I'll try it more thoroughly later. It reminded me of Edge gel, which was, once upon a time, my shaving lubricant of choice. Since then, though, I've encountered better shaving lubricants, so I don't particularly favour this type of gel any more. Lubrication was fine, but I ended up with a fair bit of irritation, more than I'm comfortable with.

Second on the list is Kiss My Face Moisture Shave (vanilla earth). I've used this one twice now, and my initial impressions are great. It has a very pleasant scent, it applies nicely, great lubrication, and low irritation. It cleans out of the blade pretty easily too, which is always good. I look forward to using this one more.

In the same product-review theme, I got an email from Thomas, who kindly shared a product experience.
Just wanted to let you know about a new aftershave I tried that works really well. Old Spice High Endurance SOOTHING AFTER SHAVE BALM. This stuff doesnt burn, smells nice for the ladies and keep your header soft. I've been shaving my head for about 2 months and was still getting some irritation after I shaved, saw this stuff and thought I would give it a try. Works really well. Give it a trial run. They also have something that reduces 5 O'clock shadow, may try that as well in a couple of months.
Thanks for the input, Thomas.

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