Monday, June 20, 2005

The many ways to remove hair has an article from Men's Fitness about various ways to remove hair from the body. It covers each method fairly briefly, but well enough that one could get the general idea.

Though I recommend shaving for people going bald-by-choice, there are always the adventurous sort who want something more permanent.

Their comments on topical hair inhibitors:
After the success of the topical hair-inhibitor Vaniqa (which has yet to be tested and approved for use by men), many new nonprescription topical hair inhibitors entered the market. Yet whereas Vaniqa is a prescription drug that has been sanctioned by the Federal Drug Administration, most other topical inhibitors have not been clinically proven to work.
All of the methods feature a pro/con and estimated cost. If you're thinking of trying something besides a razor up top, feel free to have a look.

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