Friday, June 03, 2005

KLTV reviews the HeadBlade

KLTV in Tyler, Texas has a story about the HeadBlade on their website which asks the question, Does it work?. They got a bald-by-choice photographer on their staff to try it out. He used HeadBlade's HeadSlick lubricant while shaving.
"It's so light," says Arthur. He said if felt like he was holding nothing in his hand. The sensation was like wiping his hand across his head. "With a regular razor, I'm used to having to apply a little pressure so you can actually feel it when drags across your head. But this here, you don't feel any pressure."


We counted two or three nicks. Arthur says he gets that with a regular razor too. But there's something he did not get this time. "Usually when I cut my hair with a razor, as soon as I finish, I'm breaking out in bumps on the top of my head," he says. "I usually have to go apply alcohol afterward. Well, with this one right here, after I finish, no bumps on top of my head and no break out." Arthur credits the fact that he didn't have to push as hard while shaving with this device.

He says it will take some time to get used to it, but he likes it. "Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."
I have a review of the Headblade on my site from a while back, as well.

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