Thursday, June 02, 2005

Court slams Gillette

Back in April, I linked to some articles about Schick's lawsuit against Gillette, in which they said that Gillette's advertised claims about the M3Power were false and misleading (1, 2). Yahoo News has a press release about the results of the case:
Energizer Holdings, Inc. today announced that Judge Janet C. Hall of the United States District Court, District of Connecticut, granted Schick a preliminary injunction against false advertising claims by Gillette for its M3Power razor. The court found certain claims by Gillette for the M3Power to be "literally false."

Judge Hall determined that Gillette's claim that the M3Power raises hair up and away from the skin is both "unsubstantiated and inaccurate." The court found that that the product demonstrations in Gillette's advertising are "greatly exaggerated" and "literally false."
Gillette has to stop making the claims in its advertising within the next month, according to the injunction.

This is a big legal win for Schick, but they are also on the defensive in court over another matter. As mentioned earlier, Gillette is claiming that Schick's Quattro violates Gillette's patent for the Mach 3 (1). If Gillette wins that one, sales of the Quattro will be blocked in the US. That battle continues.

This all leaves me wondering, which razors do the lawyers use?

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