Sunday, May 01, 2005

So would you?

The Omnibus Online (student newpaper of Southwest Baptist University) has a question for you:
Would you shave your head for money? How much money would it take--10 dollars, 50 dollars, 250 dollars? What if you could not keep the money for yourself? Would you still shave your head?
The article is about the Relay for Life fundraising event held in support of the American Cancer Society. So far, they've raised over $12,000 for the cause.

Guys and girls are competing for the privilege of shaving their heads. The guy and girl that raise the most funds will have their heads shaved (or had; the article is from Friday the 29th).


Anonymous said...

hey i have always dreamt about shaving my head and really really want to. It turns me on. Do u have like step to step pictures of women shaving their heads and some advice for me??? said...

No, I don't have step-by-step pictures of women shaving their heads. For advice, check out my main site,