Monday, May 02, 2005

Shaving in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay's Source has an article on a young woman who is shaving her head in memory of her friend and donating her hair to the Cancer Society's wig program. She's taking part in the Cops for Cancer fundraiser on May 7th.
Eleven-year old Elizabeth Haywood’s straightforward nature and composure didn’t falter as she talked quietly and simply about losing her friend in 2000 and why she wants to get her head shaved next weekend. At an age where many girls are preoccupied with appearances, hairstyles and clothes, it was rewarding and refreshing to meet and chat with this young lady whose modest confidence belies her tender age.

"When Andrew had cancer he started to go bald and he told me it bothered him. So I kind of felt, well, sort of sorry for him and for everybody who has cancer," Elizabeth explained. "I decided to do this because my hair is quite long and so, I just decided to cut it off."
That kind of compassion is always great to see. Way to go, Elizabeth; Andrew would be proud.


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