Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Natalie Portman's buzz

Natalie PortmanAside from appearing in recent Star Wars movies, there's another buzz going around about Natalie Portman: she recently shaved her head. Based on the pictures I've seen, it's not down to the skin, but more of a buzz cut. Still, for women today, the extremely short look is also extremely rare, and it often draws a lot of attention. The Telegraph has a short article on Portman's buzz.
This weekend, shocked onlookers at the Cannes Film Festival gasped as the actress arrived on the red carpet for the premiere of Revenge of the Sith with a freshly shaven head. But, if anyone can get away with such an extreme hairstyle, it's Portman, who has had the dramatic haircut for a role in her next film, V for Vendetta.


By carrying off a style that would make most women look, in her words, "like a neo-Nazi or a lesbian", Portman joins an exclusive club: only a handful of women can pull off the sexy skinhead trick.
I disagree with the idea that a short buzz makes most women look like a neo-nazi or lesbian, but it is unfortunately true that many people make those kinds of judgements based only on a person's appearance. That's why it's great to see people swimming against the current and trying something different. According to the article, Portman's even considering keeping the style, at least for a while.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And I completely disagree with the statement 'Portman joins an exclusive club: only a handful of women can pull off the sexy skinhead trick.

I believe that there are more women that actually look BETTER with a short/shaved cut then with the hair they have today. Eyes, smile and shape are the things that get noticed immediately.

I am a pretty typical German-built girl and will admit to being assumed to be a lesbian because of my shaved head. But it is only marginally more so then when I had my short hair prior to the buzz.

And I can't think of an instance at all where someone thought I might be a neo-nazi. In Canada at least that is a stereo-type that is LONG gone.