Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still making headway

shavingLaMont Jones of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has two nice articles about the popularity of being bald by choice in yesterday's edition (1, 2). The first article features quotes from different people about the style and its desirability.
Fashion designer Carmen Marc Valvo, who once wore a pony tail, decided to go bald several years ago.

"Mother Nature pointed me to that direction," said Valvo, 51. "I chose to embrace it because I preferred it to the other choices out there. I think there's definitely something sexy about a bald head."
The second article has tips and suggestions for those considering the jump to shaving it all off. A couple of the tips are things I've never done myself, like this one:
Keep the scalp moist with a cream or lotion. Occasionally use an overnight cream infused with vitamins, botanicals or essential oils to maintain a healthy scalp. Shea, cocoa and avocado butters are excellent skin conditioners.
Most of the stuff sounds very good, including their reminders to wear sunscreen when outside for more than a brief period.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting my stories. I didn't mention in the story that I'm bald, too.