Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bald in Brandon

When 13-year-old Andrew Nichols was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, his classmates were concerned. "I felt sad because I knew I wouldn't be seeing him as much," said one of the students at New Era school. So the school got together and raised some money for Andrew and his family, and a little bit more.
Thirty students, including Slimmon, will also rally behind Andrew by shaving their heads on Monday.
"So Andrew doesn't have to be the only one without hair," said 12-year-old Ryan Thorpe. "And he won't feel uncomfortable."
Andrew's teacher Natasha Brancewicz-Lloyd said the kids were upset when the teen was first diagnosed and have rallied together.
"The whole community has just gone that extra mile," said Joanne Nichols.
Brandon's just down the road a bit from my city, so it feels closer to home than some of the other stories I've posted. No matter where you are, though, it's good to see people pulling together.


Pat J said...

what, pray tell, is your city? I happen to live in Brandon, so it's always a little weird to find things on the net about Brandon... said...

Winnipeg. "Down the road a bit" might be a slight exageration, I realize, but it's the closest story I've linked to so far.