Monday, May 09, 2005

Mom with a Mohawk

Writing in the Daily Southtown, Mark Konkol shares a special family moment.
Call it a tender moment - my Old Man gave Mom a Mohawk.

Her wavy black hair, you see, was falling victim to chemotherapy all over the bathroom floor.

"I'd had enough," she said. "I told him to get the clippers."

With his wife's head hovering over the laundry room sink, Dad fired up the sheers and gently gave her a Mr. T, mostly for the amusement of their only boy.

They laughed - like they always have during the 34 years together - and paused for snapshots before Dad went ahead and shaved the rest.
As difficult and challenging as living with Breast Cancer can be, this family finds a way to share love and laughter. This line struck me as particularly tender:
"You know it's love when your husband can shave your head and not make any snide remarks or anything," she said.
The article also talks about Jason Earkes and his efforts to raise money for cancer research. He's hoping to raise $50,000. The article also mentions his website, in case anyone would like to donate.

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