Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pre-shave oil a no-no?

The Sydney Star Observer has an article on shaving advice from Graham Fish (of men-u products). It's generally pretty good advice, though one thing caught my eye.
Shaving cream will also help soften a beard - and he doesn’t believe in using a pre-shave oil.
I imagine his opinion (which isn't backed with any additional information in the article) might be related to the lack of a shaving oil in men-u's product line. I tried their product and reviewed it a while back, but while I like it, it's not as good as shaving oil when it comes to protecting the skin from nicks and irritation (and it's significantly more expensive than most shaving oils).

Unfortunately, the article was brief and the line about shaving oil was a throw-away. It would be interesting to know why he doesn't believe in pre-shave oils (aside from a commercial interest).

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