Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Close shave in the Amazing Race

Uchenna and JoyceLast night's episode of the Amazing Race featured a challenge where the contestants had to shave their heads to get a fast forward, so they could skip other tasks in this leg of the race. They've had this option in at least one other season of the show, but in that one, the contestants declined to shave their heads.

This season, though, the team of Uchenna and Joyce went through with it. Uchenna was already shaved bald, and his wife Joyce sacrificed her long hair to move forward in the race.

It was quite a scene. Joyce cried through much of the shaving, covered her head after the shaving, and didn't want to expose her scalp later in the show. However, it must be noted that she looked very good with her head shaved. She's a beautiful woman, with or without hair.

Uchenna and Joyce are also a great team, and one of my favourites of this season. They've already done very well and have a great shot at winning. The shaving ritual they performed is a traditional Hindu ceremony for good luck; perhaps that luck, combined with their upbeat attitude and competitive spirit, will be enough to get them the win.


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