Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Old School Shaving

Straight razorThe Richmond Times-Dispatch has an article on shaving with old-fashioned straight razors and single-blade razors. It's an interesting piece. They have some quotes from a barber who still gives straight razor shaves, as well as comments from Ray Dupont of Classic Shaving.
In a nutshell, single-blade razors are better cutting instruments, don't clog up, are adjustable, and cheaper, he says. "A Mach 3 costs $2.50 to $3; the average guy uses two a week. A double-edge razor costs only 45 cents a week. A straight edge, virtually nothing."
Besides being cheaper, Dupont says that single-blade razors cut closer. The author of the article shares his experience, too.
I bought an old Gillette single-blade razor on an eBay auction after seeing the "Today" show.

The razor appeared new and much heavier than multiblade ones I've always used. It seems to cut slightly more closely but is much, much more comfortable. Several times I've had to check to make sure it's actually cutting.

By the way, the razor, with 10 blades, cost $25.
I've never tried shaving with an older single-blade razor, but this article definitely piques my interest in it.


Anonymous said...

I personally think that there is going to be a paradyne shift in shaving during this next decade. Companies are coming out with Cryo-ed blades that last longer and new technologies that extend the life of the blades and provide a better shave. These technologies still use the Gillette and Schick high quality blades but a single blade can last 3-4 months.

I shave my head and blow through the blades (1 blade per week) and I bought a product call Razormax that claims to extend blade life. I found through experience that it does and this has saved me some serious money on blades. I was very sceptical but had a friend that swears by it and got me to try it. Do a search on Razormax or try www.razormax.com and you should be able to find a site that sells it. - Steve Thompson

Anonymous said...

After trying the Razormax I do not find it dramaticlly improves the length of time of the blade I will continue to purchase my Merkur blades from here

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