Monday, March 28, 2005

Telly Savalas

Telly SavalasBorn in 1924 to Greek immigrants, Aristotle "Telly" Savalas was a soldier and a journalist before turning to acting. His film and TV career stretches from 1961 until his death in 1994, during which time he played many interesting roles.

He first shaved his head for the role of Pontius Pilate in The Greatest Story Ever Told, and retained the look from there on out. Though he preferred comedy, he often played villains, including James Bond's most memorable foe, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

He's probably best remembered for his role in the 1970's television series Kojak, where he played the tough detective Theo Kojak. With his trademark lollipop in his mouth and the catchphrase "Who loves ya, baby?", Kojak was a unique character at a time when police dramas were getting dull.

Savalas died in 1994 due to complications of prostate & bone cancer. He will be remembered as a dynamic presence, a man of substance and style.

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