Sunday, March 27, 2005

Never shave your head?

Bald studentsFound an interesting blog-type item from China. It's the tale of a young student who decided he wanted to shave his head.
Touching my head, felt a bit pricky. Felt like a monk. Who knows, maybe my last incarnation was a monk.

Returning to dormitory, my dorm mates were astonished. After laughing aloud for a while, all of them couldn’t resist themselves to come up for a touch.

"Um, feels nice!"

"Go! Go! Go! Is my head a mop? Next time someone touches my head again, I’ll be pissed."
Unfortunately for this student, being bald-by-choice means that he stands out in a place where people tend to blend in.
Most of the teachers outside our department often don’t recognize us. When calling rolls, they have to look at the attendance sheet. Like winning prizes, whoever is being called upon, whoever got tough luck. Now, everything is just dandy. The teacher doesn’t bother looking at the attendance sheet anymore. Whenever there’s a question, the bald student please...

Life is awful.
The article has a few other stories where the shaver in question feels humiliated due to his shaved head. From the sounds of it, both friends and teachers contributed to his feeling uncomfortable with his hairstyle.

To end his tale of disillusionment with the 'baldie' hairstyle, the young student presents this warning to his peers:
My fellow students, please remember my blood-earn lesson, never shave your head! :(
Poor guy. Being a non-conformist in a very conformist culture can be a tough challenge.

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