Monday, March 14, 2005

In praise of bald men

The website Stop Hairloss Now has an article entitled "In Praise Of Bald Men". The article is a bit of a rambler, moving from bald-by-choice to the causes of baldness, to transplantation options. The tone of the article is all over the place, too, and includes lines like this:
"Some men, like Michael Jordan, look good with completely bald heads," said Kiley. "Unfortunately, most mens' heads are too lumpy or oddly shaped to look good with no hair."
Of course, that line comes from a doctor who performs hair transplants. It's not like he's got a particular motive for slamming the bald-by-choice look, right?

But the article ends on a solid note:
Whether baldness improves performance, makes a man sexier, wealthier, or gives a sense of convenience, lightness or freedom, "It's hard to tell anymore," said Cheryl Hartman, "whether a man is bald by nature or bald by choice.

"I prefer baldness," she said, "and, yes, I think my husband is sexy. And what's more ...

"We don't fight over the hair dryer anymore."

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