Saturday, February 26, 2005

Shaving fruit

First, the M-3 razor, a single razor and a double-edged razor were tested on the outside of a kiwi fruit.

"The M-3 was the only one that didn't break the skin," Schumacher said.
"Problem Solver" Mark Schumacher of Local 6 in Florida decided that the way to test the quality of a razor was to use it to shave fruit. Aside from the kiwi fruit, he also tested it on an orange. He recommended the M3Power based on this rigorous and exacting test.

Unfortunately, the brief item on their website didn't tell us how long it took for the kiwi fruit's hair to grow back, or whether the orange suffered razor bumps. It also didn't specify the shaving lubricant employed by the fruits.

Personally, I'm stunned that they didn't use a melon: it would seem like a natural choice, wouldn't it?

Next up: deciding what brand of refrigerator you should buy based on how well magnets stick to the door.


Anonymous said...

Those marketing guys make up anything! :)

Oliver Maurice said...

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