Saturday, August 13, 2005

St. Baldrick's in August

St. Baldrick's Day events are often held near St. Patrick's Day, but can be held any time of the year. As I'm checking the news, I've noticed several St. Baldrick's stories appearing in August.

For instance, police officers and firefighters in Gilford, New Hampshire held a St. Baldrick's event on August 10th.

Today, also in Gilford, the folks at Patrick's Pub are holding another St. Baldrick's event. They're doing it to support 6-year-old Nicholas Palisi, who has completed conventional cancer treatments without success, and needs funds to try more experimental treatments.

And in Arbutus, Maryland, Kimberly DeBoy of the Cutting Edge salon is making plans for a big shaving event in 2006. The article has a brief history of the St. Baldrick's event, and then talks about DeBoy's experiences and plans for next year.
Nationally, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation reported raising over $5 million in 2005, with events in six countries. Sadly, Maryland boasts only one - the aforementioned Baltimore Baldies - which is why Kim has issued a challenge - she’d like to see other salons in the area organize their own events, and compete to see who can raise the most money and shave the most heads. "I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do this," she said. "It was amazing how many people wanted to help."


Although people can donate any time, and donations are coming in, Kim knows the real money comes from the event itself, and she and Candy are planning the 2006 shave-a-thon, which will come "as close to St. Patrick’s Day as we can." With a 900 sq. ft. shop, Kim is thinking about finding another, larger venue for next year, with more chairs, more barbers, and more heads ready to be shorn.

In other words: bigger, better and balder.
It's a great charity, and it's good to see St. Baldrick's busy throughout the year.

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