Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gilford shaves

ShavedIn a follow-up to this post, the Citizen Online updates us on the wonderful shavers in Gilford, New Hampshire.
Those traveling in the Gilford area over the next few days may notice a larger number of people with shaved heads than is usual for a small New Hampshire town.

This is because many in town turned out Saturday at the Belknap County Sportsmen's Club and at Patrick's Pub and Eatery to benefit a national childhood cancer research foundation and a local boy who is currently battling brain cancer


Beland said that before Saturday's events, $10,000 had been raised for the St. Baldrick's fund and at least several thousand had been raised for the Palisi family. He said Saturday he did not know how much more was raised.
It's great to see so many people turn out and shave their heads for a good cause.

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