Friday, July 22, 2005

Too hot for hair

Michael Patrick Nelson of Long Island Press shares a story about hot weather and an attempted headshave. It seems things have been hot and muggy in Long Island.
The first thing I had to do, I decided, was shave my head. Certainly vanity and personal appearance mean a lot in this world, and one's hairstyle plays a big part in such things, but comfort had become my priority, and comfort began with ridding myself of the Medusa-like locks that were sticking to my forehead and suffocating my scalp.
It's not normally a difficult task to get one's head shaved, but Michael keeps finding people who advise him not to shave.
"Don't do that," said the woman. "You have such nice hair."

I chuckled. "That's what it wants you to think," I said. "But it's not nice at all, believe me. It wants nothing more than to see me dead of heatstroke."
It's an entertaining story. I won't spoil the ending for you, though: give it a read.

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