Sunday, July 17, 2005

A straight razor for charity

If you're near Farmington, Maine, you might want to consider checking this out:
One of the few barbers left in the state skilled in plying the traditional straightedged razor to give a man a close shave is offering her skills to charity.

Jackie Tardif, head barber at Dick's Barber Shop on Broadway in Farmington, said she will be doing a full-face shave -- complete with hot-towel treatment -- with the proceeds, plus tips, to be donated to the Farmington Rotary Club to help the organization's many community service projects. The cost of the shave will be $12.
The event's happening July 29th from 6 to 10 pm at Farmington's annual Moonlight Madness.

There's no mention of shaving heads, but a full straight-razor shave is a rare-enough thing that you might want to take the opportunity and try it out. Why is it so rare?
Tardif learned the skill 36 years ago in barber school, and these days, there are few carrying on the tradition because it isn't being taught any more.

"There are no more barber schools. Back then, when we were in school, we had to do them from day one," she said.
The loss of traditional barbering skills has been noted before, of course. Finding a barber anywhere who will give a straight-razor shave is harder and harder. Fortunately for the people in Farmington, there's at least one that they can go to.

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