Monday, July 04, 2005

Protecting the dome

Florida's Gainsville Sun reminds us to protect our skin from the ravages of the sun's rays.
Aulisio points to the latest trend in men - sporting a "chrome dome" look, particularly in the summer - as just another incidence of skin cancer waiting to happen.

"A lot of guys are shaving their scalp, while others are balding and may play golf or go fishing without protecting their head," Aulisio explained. They are running the risk of developing skin cancers on the scalp.

"There's no sun tolerance built up, and the skin will burn even more easily," he warned.
More than half of people newly diagnosed with melanomas are men, and it's common for men to develop melanomas on their scalp. It's easy to prevent skin cancer, though: if you're out in the sun, use sunscreen, and cover up. Avoid being out in the mid-day sun if you can avoid it.


J.J. said...

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly apparent that chemical sunscreens are not effective in preventing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Although most people probably don't want to hear it (especially in the summertime), the best preventative measure is sun avoidance.

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