Saturday, July 02, 2005

Miami style tips

The Miami Herald offers some style tips for taking care of a shaved dome, from Dr. Julio Gallo, medical director at The Miami Institute for Age Management & Intervention.

Some of them are pretty standard, but definitely worth repeating. Like tip #1:
As hassle-free as the style appears, those who go close-shaven should take special precautions, especially in Miami, where the risk for sun damage is much higher,'' Gallo says. Your first line of defense should be sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30 applied liberally and often, regardless of how dark you are.
Some of the tips aren't likely to appeal to the budget-conscious among us, like this part of tip #4:
For high-maintenance types, Gallo recommends ridding yourself of skin imperfections with microdermabrasion, a ''mild sandblasting,'' ($150 a treatment for one hour). Zap persistent ingrown stragglers forever with laser hair removal (from $300-$400).
It's always good to see shaving advice and tips in the mainstream media. A lot of folks don't know much about shaving, and endure more discomfort than they need to endure.

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