Saturday, June 11, 2005

Batting bald

LeClercHeadshaving in sports is fairly common, and there are a lot of reasons for an athlete to shave their head. Mark Messier shaved his head to intimidate his opponents. Michael Jordan shaved because he was losing his hair anyway and didn't like it. Brian LeClerc shaved his head because his coach told him to. Well, sort of.
Spring baseball practice was set to begin in January, and Brian LeClerc's hair was out of control. Clumps of blonde locks covered his ears and began to stretch toward his shoulders.


LeClerc's hair became so unruly that head coach Pat McMahon, who enforces a strict team grooming policy, finally had to intervene. McMahon sat with his sophomore right fielder prior to the start of the season and asked for a simple favor.

Brian, cut your hair.
The entire team started bugging him about his hair. And instead of opting for the type of haircut his team and his coach were expecting, he decided to go all the way.
And that he did. LeClerc put the finishing touches on his new 'do by shaving his head bald with a straight razor. That has now become a pre-game ritual for LeClerc.
I'm impressed that he went with a straight razor. I still haven't tried shaving with one of those, but I know it's a lot simpler opting for a cartridge razor. Anyway, Brian, keep it bald. It looks good.

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