Sunday, June 12, 2005

Baldness leads to scholarships

Eleven-year-old Warren Woods is the head of Education Means Something To Us Crew (or EMSTU) at Barstow Intermediate School in California. This group, started by Grade 5 students at the school, raises money for college scholarships. One person he approached had a challenge for him:
"If you truly believe in this cause; shave your head, and I will give you $50," Eason said. "I saw his long raggedy hair; I had just shaved my head, and I thought he needs to look like me."
Though initially reluctant, Woods agreed. He got other offers of $50 as well, raising the total to $200.
His decision became more profitable when Olguin, Police Detective Tim Heiden and a business, Marshall Pools, each offered Woods an additional $50 to shave his head.

"It is a great cause and we want to encourage students to pursue further education," Mary McClure, president of Kiwanis, said. "Children excited about education is amazing."

Heiden organized a police truck to be at the school. A chair was put on the back and Woods sat on the chair at lunchtime on Wednesday awaiting his fate, with about 50 students cheering him on.
Though the group was only started 2 months ago, they've raised $1000 for scholarships, and recently handed out a $500 scholarship to a Barstow High School student.

I find it quite impressive that a group of Grade 5 students is raising money to support education. It's great to see this kind of enthusiasm for learning and school.