Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Shaving timeline

The Quik Shave website has a shaving timeline on their site, a brief history of shaving. It's an interesting read, though of course it ends with the Quik Shave razor as being the ultimate evolution of shaving.

Some quotes:
The earliest shaving razors discovered were flint blades made possibly as far back as 30,000 B.C. Flint could provide an extremely sharp edge for shaving; these were, of course, the first disposable shavers because flint becomes dull rather quickly.


1847 - English inventor WILLIAM HENSON creates the first "hoe type" razor, which places the blade perpendicular to its handle, just like a garden tool This forever changes the way that man will grip his shaver, and provides greater manageability. It is an overnight success.

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