Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hair transplants and shaving

I'm occasionally asked if a person who has had hair transplant surgery can shave their head without showing a lot of scarring. Unfortunately, I don't know, but I did find a comment about this on the website given by a Dr. William Rassman, answering a specific query from a 32-year-old who had this type of surgery 7 years previously:
"Shaving your head will bring attention to any scarring that is now covered by your existing hair. More significant than the recipient area will be the point where the hair was harvested from (assuming that the work is modern work). If the grafts were the older type plugs, then shaving your head may show cobblestonning of the skin and some white plaques of skin where the old plugs were placed. You might get a good opinion from someone who is an expert in this business before you shave your head. I would hate to see you stuck with a baseball hat until the hair grew in again."
If you're considering hair transplant surgery, keep the scarring issue in mind. A lot of guys end up shaving their head later anyway when they become dissatisfied with the results of the surgery. Better to shave it right off the bat, in my opinion, than to spend the money on surgery.


Anonymous said...

I think not so much people want to shave their head after hair transplant surgery. Because if a person had surgery, it means he wanted hair so much that he will never want to be bald again.

Fred said...

I definitely think if you're wanting to go the shaved head route, you probably shouldn't get hair transplants in the first place. Either shave your head or go all in on the transplants... don't get the transplants and then decide to shave your head later.

Fred | Solvate Hair

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