Friday, April 22, 2005

Still raising awareness

shavingSt. Patrick's Day may have passed a while ago, but St. Baldrick's events continue to raise money for childhood cancer research. The Western Courier has the story of a St. Baldrick's event at Western Illinois University that brought in $9000, almost double the original goal of $5000.
Bre Hoffman, freshman philosophy major, was one of the girls who chose to shave her head for the event.

"Everyone told me I shouldn't do it because I had such long hair," Hoffman said. "I did it because I wanted to help raise awareness about childhood cancer."

Though Hoffman has no personal connection to childhood cancer, she feels an obligation to help the cause. She said that since she shaved her head, she has been asked often why she did it. People then have to listen and learn about the fundraiser, which she hopes will help raise awareness.

"It's about time we found a cure for cancer, and if shaving my head helps, I'm willing to do it," Hoffman said. "If the fundraiser is still here in a few years when my hair is long again, I'll definitely get my head shaved again."
Way to go, Western Illinois!

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